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The genesis of this Association was so that the Commonwealth of Virginia would benefit from having Asian Pacific American lawyers and their friends come together under a voluntary bar association to recognize the changing faces of the legal community and to be a voice of the Asian Pacific American community.


The Association was founded in 1998 by a diverse group of attorneys including the Hon. Gerald B. Lee, Charlie C. H. Lee, the Fairfax Bar Association President, and other senior leaders of the Fairfax Bar Association

For years, the Association was supported by Virginia's APA lawyers, numerous non-APA lawyers, their partners, law firms, friends, and various state and local bar associations. It would take too long to list all of those who were responsible for keeping our ideals alive but the Association is indebted to their commitment.

We invite you to add your voice to this presence and in doing so, be mindful that first and foremost, we are privileged to engage in the practice or study of law and to live in a Commonwealth where there are limitless opportunities as long as we are willing to challenge ourselves and others to pursue justice and dignity wherever those ideals are absent.

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